Thursday, 23 April 2009

Here's what I'll look like on the day...

Here is what I'll look like on Sunday - nice sexy bright green running shirt with "CLAYTS" across the top!! Difficult to miss though... :o)

My running number is 37553 and if you wanted to follow my progress online, I think you can register on this Adidas website.

This is what I hope I'll be looking like towards the end - all smiles!!

It will most probably all grimaces and pain though...

Let me know if you're planning on watching the race and where you'll likely be watching from so
I can look out for you. See previous blog entry for when I expect to be at the various mile markers.
Looking forward to Sunday!! VERY excited!! Praying it won't rain though, as heavy rain is currently forecasted - this better be one of those times BBC get it totally wrong... If you're the praying type, please also pray for no rain in London on Sunday.

Stay tuned for updates of the big day!


  1. I'm luvvin that last photo SpeedyC. All the very best. Zack and I will be cheering on the side-lines. Will sms Mel to find you :)

  2. looking good Clayton!! Pray it goes well/ you run well!!