Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cardiff - My Second Half Marathon

19th October 2008 – Cardiff, Wales – my second half marathon

I ran this with some friends from church (St Peter's Barge) – Chris (again!), Vitor and Ed. Mel came along as official photographer and jelly bean distributor, as well as the return driver given my legs weren’t functioning after the race…

Unlike previous years the race didn’t go through either Millennium Stadium or Cardiff Castle, which was a shame. Still, was a reasonably nice route with some nice scenery. A bit boring at times and very flat and some areas where the path is reasonably narrow yet you have members of the public insisting they walk through the park, despite the 10,000 runners coming the other way… Ah, wakey wakey peoples!!

I started out at a good pace and was going well, then around the 5 mile mark my knees felt like lead and just weren’t functioning very well. I wasn’t in pain or anything, they were just like jelly. At around the 8 mile mark I was overtaken by the “2 hour” pace-setters. I tried to keep up with them, but unfortunately my knees wouldn’t let me. So I just kept going doing my best not to walk.

I ended up finishing in around 2:08, so 8 – 10 minutes slower than I was aiming for, but about 3 minutes ahead of Dartford, so at least I improved my time. My online review is here.
Again, I won't go into detail about the trouble I had walking for the next few days...

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