Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Crisis Square Mile

I did this run through a contact a colleague had. He was asked by one of the city firms that sponsored the event whether we wanted to run, and so a few of us at work did – I ran with Mo, Roberto and my now trusty running-partner-in-crime Chris. It was a 3.5 mile circuit in the City of London. We started by St Paul’s Cathedral, ran down some streets, down some stairs, up some stairs, across a couple of bridges before finishing with a run across Millennium Bridge and back into St Paul’s.

They had to change the route 3 days before the race because the organisers were not told that Tower Bridge was going to be opened mid-race! D’oh! Anyway, aside from 2 delays of 5 – 8 minutes whilst you had 2,000 runners trying to get up a single flight of stairs, it all ran pretty smoothly.

It was good practice for running in crowds and how to swerve in and out of slow(er) people. I’m not sure what time I ran due to the delays, but was circa 28 minutes which I was happy enough with.

The interesting bit was waiting around for Mo at the end. He still says he finished the race, but as we never saw him at the finish line, we think he doubled back after the start, grabbed a hot dog and caught the train home… Hmmm…

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