Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Knobbled Knees

After the Cardiff half marathon I took a couple weeks off, then started some light running again. My knees felt a little bit better after a couple of weeks, then I went out for a 12 mile run and at about the 8 mile mark my right knee went really painful and I had to walk home the rest of the 4 miles… Not fun! It was ok(ish) after that and played football and aggravated it again and was painfully limping for the next few days! Such a dumb game football... ;o)

Anyway, off I went to the doctors and had to get an MRI. If you've ever had an MRi, it's pretty weird. Lot's of weird sounds and noises - like being at an England football match!! Since the MRI it’s been fine though, which was a bit strange. I rested for 3 weeks then slowly got back into some running and have pretty much been ok since – no troubles really on either knee, although am now wearing a knee brace thingy which seems to help.

I went to the doctors last night and the MRI results showed there was some evidence of ‘tearing’ at the top of the knee joint, but it wasn’t clear that there was any damage and at least there weren’t any floating bits of bone (which the doctor was worried about). The report said there could be something wrong behind the knee cap, but without going in with the camera they wouldn’t be able to tell. Given my knee seems to be working the doctor suggested I just keep going and come back if it starts hurting again – i.e no point going in for some surgery if it’s not troubling me. In my professional opinion, I agree!

Hopefully nothing will go wrong, at least before the marathon anyway! The gym work I’m doing and weight loss should also make life easier for my poor knobbly knees!!

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