Wednesday, 4 March 2009

PLEASE SPONSOR ME!! My Charity in the Australia – Friends of Brain Injured Children

Although principally raising funds for a charity in the UK, I thought whilst I’m at it I would try and raise as much as possible for the above charity in Australia as well.

As many of you know, my Godson in Australia, Ryan, had a few ‘complications’ (I’ll leave out the details) when he was born which resulted in him being born with brain damage. You can see from the below photo what Ryan went through for the first few months of his life, and I can’t even begin to think what it must have been like for Cara & Jeff (Ryan’s parents) and their family – it was difficult enough for me to come to accept, let alone them!!

When I emailed Cara and said I’d like to raise some funds if I could for one of the charities that helped Ryan out, she immediately said the charity Friends of Brain Injured Children – you can find out a bit more about the charity on their website. They are currently helping 21 children with brain injuries by encouraging their families to seek a range of therapies and to go for early intensive therapy. FBIC help them pay for this and provide information and support. Most of the children are severely disabled, but their fantastic parents are making a big difference in their long-term outcomes. 8 of them are now in mainstream schools and going pretty well.

Early Therapy – early identification and intervention are critical to how well a child with brain injury develops.

Programs and treatments include:

* Conductive Education (recognised as a world leading program)
* Osteopathy
* Point Percussion Therapy (acupressure)
* Speech Therapy
* Botox program
* Applied Behaviour Analysis Program
* Bowen Therapy
* Nutrition Therapy/ Naturopathy
* Physiotherapy and therapeutic massage

Conductive Education is a multidisciplinary systematic and holistic approach which enhances the child’s physical, cognitive and social skills and emotional well-being. Basically, it is learning how to learn using a variety of techniques and activities.

“Conductive Education is one of the main reasons why my little girl can now walk.”

The therapy sessions cost $50 each for a 1 hour session. How great would it be to be able to provide a number of therapy sessions for families that either can’t afford them or are still struggling with circumstances that they just don’t know what to do?? That’s my aim!!

If you would like to support FBIC, please send a cheque made out to “Friends of Brain Injured Children (ACT) Inc” to the below address. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Please let them know you are supporting my marathon run so we know how much we’ve raised.

Friends of Brain Injured Children
SHOUT Office
PO Box 717
Mawson ACT 2607

Or alternatively payments can be made electronically to their Commonwealth Bank account at:

Friends of Brain Injured Children
BSB: 062 902
Account number: 00903646

Please email Libby Steeper at with your name and address, date & amount donated and receipt number (if known) so they can send/email you a receipt.

Thanks for your support!!

Ryan in his chair – this is his smile which wins all the girls!!

Ryan with his little brother Jack and his funky wheelchair


  1. Our nation don't have maps, and, uh, I believe that our education, like such as South Africa, and, uh, the Australia...

    /Miss South Carolina'd

    But seriously Clayts, good luck with the leadup and the marathon. I'll be supporting you by sitting on the couch and drinking beer instead here in the Australia.

  2. Thanks Andy, always knew I could count on your, ah, support... :o)

  3. Karen (Ryan's Nonna)17 March 2009 at 08:24


    I think what you are doing is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for choosing Friends of Brain Injured Children as one of your charities. I will certainly be sponsoring you and hope that .... you don't fall in a sweat ridden heap before the end of the race :) Best of luck from "Muvva of Wog Chick" xxxxx