Friday, 6 March 2009

A promise by me, a runner, to you, a walker...

After going for a good run the other night it occurred to me on several occasions that people really don't like to walk in straight lines. If you're a crooked walker, why is that?? What is it about straight lines that is so difficult when walking?

As a relatively recent convert to running it is difficult sometimes to overtake walkers because you don't know where they're going. Usually it's ok and only happens a couple of times per run, but the other night it happened loads of times. Very frustrating... Fortunately it was at night and not much traffic and I could run on the road for stretches, but on weekends it's a different story. I know some people get annoyed at me when I'm running and give me looks like I don't have a right to use the footpath if I'm running, but if I'm not on a bike, I'm a pedestrian just like you...

So, my promise, as a runner, to all those that walk, is that I won't run right behind you, all sweaty and smelly and breathing down your neck, if you promise to walk in a straight line and give me jusat a little bit of space on the footpath so I can overtake you without having to use the road.

Does that sound fair?


  1. Clayts I too have observed this walkers phenomena..crazy but true. My view is that at a slow pace one is more inclined to jet about and smell the roses with no regard for teh world behind..a runner on the other hand is more focused on either collapsing from exhaustion or getting quickly to the end point in th best time or simply wanting to finish with the prospect of another meal = calories burnt.

    Great thing you are doing here Clayts and something I would have been on for if still in London but alas I am sitting on a tropical island in Brazil thinking about the when it would appropriate to consum my next cold beer :) Good luck buddy I will be following your journey.

  2. I'm no runner, but I hate the zig-zag walker - drives me crazy! Straight lines people!